Our artisanal carpentry experience is made by versatility, utility and fantasy and has the aim to guarantee the value and exclusivity of the final product during time


Baldisserri Family, core of V.T.B. Arredamenti, during its pluri decadal experience of entrepreneurship, always wanted the “Carpentry” sign on its “Capannone (Building)” and had always intended it as “La Bottega” (Craft Shop); because doing the carpenter means being at the operating core of business, where the thought becomes reality thanks to the work of the hands, to bring to the mind the experience of woodworking.


Nowadays, with the overcome of technology, carpentry profession has become very much different from the old days adapting itself to the various demands of the new markets

V.T.B. Arredamenti faces this new situation every day and keeps its laboratory up to date with the latest industrial machines and computers.


Despite the importance of technology in the industrial process, V.T.B. Arredamenti’s artisans has got a huge experience, in order to co-operate with machines to bring the old artisanal art to the construction of high quality furniture: meticulously refined and built only with high quality materials. Inside our laboratory every carpenter is responsible for its sector of work, like an assembly line. Every carpenter in this way is creator of its own product.


Today, Baldisserri’s Family, heart of V.T.B. Arredamenti, with the help of its sons, puts in the field a young and dynamic working team with a huge bag of experience to advice and support every request made by our clients. Thanks to a focused study we can create every kind of space and design every kind of furnishings.

Il “Mestiere”

Carpenter’s profession is an ancient and noble art. Wood is always been available to humans and soon we have learnt how to use it and know its proprieties. Woodworking to our ancestors meant surviving. The most known carpenter of all times is Saint Joseph who later became the saint protector of this noble art. In history, the creativity and inspiration of carpenters has made furnishings a proper art object.

Falegnameria Artigianale

“It’s easy to say “Carpenter”.. The reality is that we speak about masters carpenters, who had learnt, through the years, to work the wood only with their hands”

Falegnameria V.T.B.

“Every artisan, from the start to the end, is creator of its own product. The carpenter master gives its unique and personalized hand-print.”

V.T.B. Falegnameria

“With the overcome of technology, carpentry profession has become very much different from before. V.T.B. Arredamenti keeps its laboratory up to the latest standards required by the market.”

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